Great ways to suppress tinnitus

There are tons of ways to suppress tinnitus. First, you need to find out what kind of tinnitus you have. See tinnitus is felt and manifests differently for everyone. Since it’s unique to each person, that means what causes it, interferes with it, or changes it is special to you as well. That being said, something could be found that cures your specific case of tinnitus.

Being a researcher in the field I get to look at data, see new advancements, and test out products on a regular basis. Product wise… pay attention, not everything is created equally or is able to provide relief. The American Tinnitus Association has a fairly detailed page on what they believe are the best treatment options. You can look at that here (Treatment Options). Although, I’ll give you an overview of everything quickly.

Advised Treatment Options

General Wellness– It’s time consuming and hit and miss without proper oversight. Patients can engage in lifestyle and wellness activities to improve the perceived intensity of their tinnitus. General wellness does not have a direct impact on the causes or biology of tinnitus, but it can provide strong peripheral benefits that make living with tinnitus feel much easier.

Hearing Aids– If you can afford too, stick with (Starkey) because they make an excellent product. Just understand in a 2007 survey of hearing health professionals, respondents self-reported that roughly 60{754741679431ceb09efae6e94320565469f785b1bbff1b66db1121ae80245ef8} of their tinnitus patients experienced at least some relief when wearing hearing aids; but only roughly 22{754741679431ceb09efae6e94320565469f785b1bbff1b66db1121ae80245ef8} patients found significant relief.

Sound Therapies- Can work but look at the host of issues you can come up against. Price: Hearing aids and medical-grade sound therapy devices can be expensive and are often not covered by insurance plans. Tinnitus Symptoms: Patients should consider their lifestyles and the times when they most require relief from their tinnitus. If tinnitus is mostly an issue immediately before or during sleep, a bedside white noise machine may be sufficient; if tinnitus is an ongoing, 24/7 concern, a more portable option may be preferable. Sound Sensitivity: Patients with hyperacusis or another form of sound sensitivity may encounter some discomfort when using sound amplifying devices. Education and Support: Nearly all sound therapy systems work best when they are coupled with a program of supplemental patient education and counseling.

Behavioral Therapies– Behavioral therapies, which focus on the patient’s emotional reaction to tinnitus, are among the best established and most effective treatments for burdensome tinnitus. These approaches have consistently been shown to reduce tinnitus-related distress, anxiety, and depression, and to improve the overall quality of life for patients.The only issue is that they are extremely time intensive!

Drug Therapies- Understand that There are presently no FDA-approved drugs specifically for tinnitus, and no medications that have been shown to reverse the neural hyperactivity at the root of tinnitus. Drugs cannot cure tinnitus, but they may provide relief from some severe tinnitus symptoms. Pay attention and don’t fall for the massive amount of scams online that promise taking there vitamin will cure your situation. Before you spend any money on a supplement, request a blood panel from your physician to see what you could be lacking!

TMJ Treatments– When tinnitus is caused by a jaw joint dysfunction, dental treatment or bite realignment may relieve symptoms. A dental health professional can diagnose and fix relieve this problem.

Experimental Therapies– If I was in your position I would pay attention to the part they elaborate the least on. The Experimental Therapies Page, it talks about 5 or 6 cutting edge ideas but they missed the best and probably most accurate one. Look for a diagnostic research center first. They really take the time to look into tinnitus the way doctors and specialists should be! Also, for what they offer it costs next to nothing. The best one that is available to the public and not just as a private sector resource is The Tinnitus Test | The Most Accurate Diagnostic Tool Available for Tinnitus. You should be able to fill out one of their massive questionnaires online, and (FYI) that thing covers everything you could imagine. They send out answers pretty quickly within hours or a day at the most.I took this from their blog, “We recognize that the depth of information that is needed to get a complete view of your situation is time consuming. That’s why we’ve spent years making the experience digital and accessible from the comfort or your home. Science and technology has come far enough that our algorithms can see patterns faster, with greater accuracy, and provide answers quicker than ever before. This is why we work hand and hand with physicians, insurance companies, and researchers. We want to help everyone achieve a faster, more accurate diagnosis! Tinnitus may not have a cure yet, But relief is attainable for everyone!”

Hopefully this shows you there is help and you’ll look into it!