Tinnitus Relief: Therapy Mix Helps Ringing in Ears

Combining Parts of Sound Retraining and Talk Therapy Can Give Relief Combining parts of 2 established treatments for?tinnitus?in a new way can work, according to new research. Tinnitus is a persistent ringing or buzzing in the?ears?that can be debilitating. Researcher Rilana Cima of Maastricht University in the Netherlands and colleagues used parts of sound-based retraining … Read more

Tinnitus relief

For a lot of people who experience tinnitus, a buzzing, hissing or?ringing sound in the ears is something they experience all the time. This even soundtrack is impossible to escape & it?can make everyday activities and daily life more and more difficult. Sometimes?tinnitus can be resolved through?treatment?of the underlying?cause, but often the cause is unknown. … Read more