What Can I do About My Tinnitus?

You can go to a doctor in case your tinnitus is due to something that can be fixed or treated easily.

You can try one or more remedies recommended by tinnitus patients ??vitamin B12, magnesium,?caffeine, ginkgo biloba withdrawal and paracetamol?? for each of these, you will find people who swear it reduces their tinnitus. And you can certainly avoid wasting your money on the countless ?tinnitus cure? scams ran by unscrupulous assholes all over the Web.

Other than that, there is currently no proven method of rewiring your brain to make ?unexplained? tinnitus disappear completely and permanently. There are therapies that can lessen tinnitus or even make it disappear (Xanax, notched music therapy), but their effect is temporary.However, you can do two very important things:

1.You can learn not to notice the noise.
2.You can stop the noise from bothering you.

If you achieve these two goals, tinnitus will be no more of a problem for you than the color of the walls in your apartment. It will still be noticeable, if you choose to notice it, but it will not be an issue.

Dr Stephen M. Nagler describes this beautifully in his?introduction to Tinnitus Retraining Therapy?(TRT)

TRT is not a?cure?for tinnitus.? It is a treatment approach designed with the goal of tinnitus ceasing to be an issue in the patient?s life.? It is designed with the goal of making tinnitus into a pair of pants.? Ninety percent of the time, people are unaware of their pants.? The 10{754741679431ceb09efae6e94320565469f785b1bbff1b66db1121ae80245ef8} of the time they?are?aware, they do not ?cope? with their pants, they do not ?deal? with their pants, they do not ?learn to live? with their pants, and they most certainly do not spend any time worrying whether the following day will be a ?good pants day? or a ?bad pants day.?? They simply wear their pants; and when the goal of TRT has been met, tinnitus should be just like that!