Tinnitus Relief and Prevention

  • Tinnitus Relief and Prevention: The EAR tip offers an outstanding performance for relieving the pain caused by tinnitus. Every time use, it can relieve ringing in the ears or help to promote drainage of ear canals. It helps to alleviate in and around the ear area. It also can help with prevention if you are in a prolonged exposure to loud sound or noise levels. Better than medication, it gets away from medicinal harm and good for your ear health.
  • Pain relief massager with 6 tips: WRIST provide to relieve pain and discomfort in the wrist and hand area caused by carpal tunnel, arthritis; SCALP can relieve from stress in the head and scalp pain, headaches; SMALL JOINT can relieve from pain and discomfort for small joint areas; APPLICATOR gives you a nice smooth surface to massage in your essential oils, medical creams and ointments; SINUS can relieve from sinus pain and stuffiness and the area where the inflammation occurs.
  • Safe and Healthy: No radiation and No harmful side-effects. Perfect for sub-healthy people, middle-aged and the elderly, workers. The massager can treat yourself to pure relaxation for different body area including those of slighter build. Easy to carry, excellent for home, travel, outdoor, health center, office etc. You can use it anywhere.
  • Rechargeable Battery: It takes 3 hours to full charge the massager and it can last using for 40~90 minutes according to different intensities. You are suggested to use the massager for 5~15 minutes every time.It is cordless between massager and charging base. Adapter and USB2.0 charging cable is included.
  • Easy to use: It?s light weight and easy to hold. You can exchange the massager tips easily. Get rid of all the pain in the areas where other massagers can’t get to because of its humanized design. 9 different massage intensities through pressing button ? or ? , which gives you complete control of your massage intensity.