Some effective solutions to tinnitus

There is no apparent solution for tinnitus but there are however certain ways in which it can be attenuated.

First: try to identify the nature of the buzzing and to establish a proper difference between normal buzzing due ear strain and something different

Second: temporal isolation from noise

-Turn off audio sources (audio players, tv, avoid using mp3 players and phones for a while, etc)

-Use travel earplugs (foamy ones) or earmuffs to reduce exposure to noise and sound

-REST, if possible in a dark room with closed doors and windows, with earplugs or muffs on, and take a good rest to relieve from the mental and physical strain

And last but most important: VISIT A DOCTOR

One of the patients declared:

I haven’t found a solution yet, but I have found a way to cope that works for me. I focus on my inner voice that is always playing music. It’s like an inner radio station only I control the playlist. I often hum, whistle or even sing along. It changes my focus enough that I don’t pay attention to the constant buzzing in my head (It’s not even interesting! It’s always the same exact tone; how boring.)

I have just started to work with my doctor to see what can be done. So far, we’re eliminating possible causes. (I don’t have syphilis, yeah!) At this point, I’ve had it long enough that I can’t even remember what silence was like. Quiet would be so nice!

Michael C.